Limited Pre-Sale Licenses

Your Benefits

  • You get a very cheap lifetime license
  • You can suggest and vote on features

How it works

Immediately after payment you will only receive the license key (or keys). Once the Pro version is available, you will be informed and get access to the Pro plugin (expected in August 2024).

There is a small risk

If something unexpected happens to the plugin developer before the plugin is released, there is no guarantee of getting the money back. Anyway, let’s just assume everything goes well please 🙂

About the Developer

Hello, I’m Helmut, the developer of Block Designer. I’ve been in web development for about 25 years and have done many different projects. I have developed several content management systems (including for a visually impaired association), created many websites, web apps and even games. For me, Block Designer is the perfect project into which I can bring all my experience and make it accessible to many people. The project means a lot to me and I have big plans for it. However, it is your invest that helps me make Block Designer a great tool for you and other web designers.

Your invest directly ensures that useful features are available more quickly.